Program for Children and Families

Calm, Focused, and Self-Regulated: The BrainWorx Advanced Program for Children and Families

Tired, stressed, and overwhelmed…

These words describe your everyday reality. You love your child more than the world, though the challenges they struggle with daily seem unending. They are so easily triggered into anxiety, meltdowns, anger, overwhelm, and more. ADD, ADHD, chronic anxiety, challenges with reading and writing, delays in speech, bedwetting, and/or trouble focusing? You’ve experienced so much.

While you know your child is trying hard, you also know they’re suffering, and you’re not sure what else to do to help them. You’ve tried so many things, and you’re not sure what else to try. Sometimes you even wonder if it’s possible for anything to change – because you (and they!) have tried so hard, and tried so many times before, and very little has changed, if anything!

What if there WAS another way?

Imagine yourself a year from now, watching your child play with their friends and enjoy their schoolwork – calm, focused, and self-regulated. Imagine your entire family thriving. You wake up each morning looking forward to the day, feeling rested and ready. Sure, there may be bumps in the road. However, you know what to do about it because you have tools to help, and where to go when you need some support.

Yes, this is possible!

    The BrainWorx Advanced program is comprehensively designed to help your child work towards attainable goals — so that a happier, healthier, easier life becomes an actual reality for them. (Yes, imagine that. It IS possible!)

    At BrainWorx, our team mentors parents and shows them how to guide their children through a series of brain development techniques that are proven to develop the parts of their brain that are causing their challenges. This is because when specific parts of a child’s brain are underdeveloped, they can suffer from many challenges, including anxiety, meltdowns, inability to focus, difficulty reading and writing, difficulty with potty training, delayed speech, delayed social skills, avoidance of tasks, distraction, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, autism, and more.

    The BrainWorx Advanced Program utilizes brain development techniques (including Neurological Reorganization, Reflex Integration, and Emotional Reorganization), that when done consistently over time can attend to the root cause of these challenges and create permanent change.

    As a result of the BrainWorx Advanced Program, you’ll learn:

    • Why the movements a baby makes in their first year of life are vital to their brain development, and when they miss this development they can experience behavior and learning challenges in the future
    • How a child can simulate these movements to rewire their brain and overcome these challenging behaviors
    • Why therapy is slow, or doesn’t seem to be working at all, and what you can do to exponentially improve results (yes, there are tools to use that will help!)
    • How parents can actually create more time in their schedule and eliminate stress and overwhelm by following a simple process that improves their child’s challenges…and then ditch the tiredness and create more time in your schedule while supporting your child
    • And so much more!

    Imagine your child embracing calm, maintaining focus, and learning to self-regulate. These are the type of results participants in the BrainWorx Advanced Program regularly see and experience.

      The BrainWorx Advanced Program includes:

      • BrainWorx Advanced Program ($3750 Value)
        • Neurological Reorganization – Develops the pons and midbrain, which will help you overcome anxiety, improve focus, and increase executive function abilities
        • Reflex Integration – Boosts the pons and midbrain development, and ensures your neurological arc is connected and communicating
        • Rewires For Emotional Development – Forms new beliefs about yourself that support you in achieving more of what you want in life
      • Brain Gym Basic Training ($700 Value)
      • Calm Cortex Zone ($400 Value)
      • Weekly Group Meetings – over 104 meetings annually ($3,600 Value)
      • Live Chat Support – for those quick and urgent questions ($500 Value)
      • Ongoing Live Trainings ($1200 Value)
      • Private Facebook Group
      • BONUS 1: Dr. Sulsenti’s Healthy Gut/Brain Connection Training ($1,200 Value)
      • BONUS 2: Executive Function Success Formula ($1,000 Value)
      • BONUS 3: The ADHD Toolbox Parts 1 and 2 ($600 Value)

      Program Details:

      Each week we host two 60-minute live online meetings and Q & A sessions (104 meeting sessions annually). In these weekly sessions, we review the brain development exercises, provide additional training and support, and give you the opportunity to share your wins, and get your questions answered. Each of these weekly sessions will be recorded and made available to review at your convenience.

      Additionally, for those interested, the BrainWorx Advanced Program PLUS includes three (3) 60-minute private sessions with a BrainWorx professional that allow you to go deeper with the exercises and get results faster.

      Through the entirety of the program, you will have access to continuous support from our team of experts, via text messaging and email, to ensure that you are fully supported throughout the process and are getting the most out of the program.

      I know stepping into the unknown can feel scary…and I also know you care deeply about your child. A world of possibilities and your success story are waiting.

      Questions? We know this is an important decision and are here to help. Please contact us and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to answer any questions.