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Program For Teachers and Educators

Teacher Training and Certification Program

The Teacher Training program provides teachers and educators with all the specific brain development exercises BrainWorx uses with their clients, along with a proven structure that fits right into any existing classroom curriculum.

Using this program, teachers will learn to guide students in integrating physical movements throughout the day that promote neural connections.

These movements are designed to allow neural connections that further develop the pons and midbrain, helping students calm down, self-regulate, and focus.  Teachers will often see positive changes in just a few weeks.


    Our proven processes include techniques such as:

    • Brainworx Calm Cortex Zone where children learn to self-regulate when they are in fight or flight mode
    • BrainWorx Creeping Lanes where children use our techniques to develop their Pons to stay out of fight or flight, and
    • BrainWorx Transition Time, which helps children learn to manage transitions from one activity to another, and much more.

    These techniques are proven to work and create dramatic results in a relatively short amount of time.

    The pre-requisite to the Teacher Training and Certification Program is the BrainWorx Advanced Program.