Program for Adults

BrainWorx Advanced Program for Adults

The BrainWorx Advanced Program for Adults is the most comprehensive and impactful program on the market today.  It guides adults through a series of brain development techniques that are proven to develop the pons and midbrain.

When the pons and/or midbrain are underdeveloped, adults can suffer from many challenges, such as anxiety, lack of focus, executive function challenges, overwhelm, procrastination, and dyslexia just to name a few.

The BrainWorx Advanced Program for Adults utilizes brain development techniques  (Neurological Reorganization, Reflex Integration, and Emotional Reorganization) done consistently over time to attend to the root cause of these challenges, and create permanent change. 

We commonly work with people who have ADD, ADHD, or are challenged with chronic anxiety, struggle with focus, have poor executive function ability, are easily triggered into anxiety, anger, overwhelm, and more. 

The BrainWorx Advanced Program offers:

  • One full year of support, which includes
  • Weekly online group meetings
  • Monthly private brain development sessions
  • Online video training
  • Unlimited text and email support directly with your program facilitator
  • A safe and secure private community that you can connect, learn, and grow with

    Program Details:

    Each month we host three 60-minute live online meetings and Q & A sessions (2 times per week for the first 3 weeks of each month.  That’s 72 meetings per year).  In these weekly sessions, we review the brain development exercises, provide additional training, provide support, and give you the opportunity to share your wins, and get your questions answered. 

    Each of these weekly sessions will be recorded and made available to you for you to review at your convenience.

    Additionally, we will provide each participant with three 60-minute private sessions to allow you to go deeper with the exercises and get results faster.

    Through the entirety of the program, you will have access to continuous support from our team of experts, via text messaging and email, to ensure that you are fully supported throughout the process and are getting the most out of the program.

      Our training includes specific instruction on:
      • Neurological Reorganization – Develops the Pons and Midbrain, which will help you overcome anxiety, improve focus, and executive function abilities.
      • Reflex Integration – Boosts the Pons and Midbrain development, and ensures your neurological arc is connected and communicating.
      • Neural Pathway Development (Rewires) – Forms new beliefs about yourself that support you in achieving more of what you want in life.


      • BrainGym – Specific exercises that optimizes your brain and causes immediate shifts in your emotional and/or mental state so you can overcome fight or flight responses, improve listening, speaking, and focus.
      • Gut Brain Connection to heal your gut and produce important neural chemicals your brain needs.  This program is instructed by Dr. Lisa Sulsenti.
      • Executive Function to help manage resources and achieve goals so you can be more effective and efficient in your life.  This training is instructed by leading Executive Function expert Seth Perler.