BrainWorx Empowered
Brain Program for Adults

Get clarity and find focus with our program for adults. We often help people who have ADD, ADHD or are easily triggered into anxiety and anger, or face other challenges. You don’t have to be overwhelmed all the time. BrainWorx can help.

Your Struggle is Real

For many, being scattered and anxious is not a temporary feeling, but a way of life.

We can easily become overwhelmed, lose focus, and become unable to manage our anxiety enough to get even simple things accomplished. You’re not just feeling a little confused and unfocused today. It’s a constant struggle!

When the pons and/or midbrain are underdeveloped, adults can suffer from many challenges, such as anxiety, lack of focus, executive function challenges, overwhelm, procrastination, and dyslexia just to name a few.


Get Help Managing Your Mind

The BrainWorx Empowered Brain Program for Adults is the most comprehensive and impactful program for ADD, ADHD, and other challenges on the market today.

It naturally guides adults through a series of brain development techniques that are proven to develop the pons and midbrain.

The BrainWorx Empowered Brain Program for Adults utilizes brain development techniques (Neurological Reorganization, Reflex Integration, and Emotional Reorganization) to attend to the root cause of these challenges and create permanent change.

The BrainWorx Empowered Brain Program for Adults works with people who have ADD, ADHD or are challenged with chronic anxiety, struggle with focus or organization, have poor executive function ability, are easily triggered into anxiety, anger, overwhelm, procrastination, depression, and more.


The BrainWorx Empowered Brain Program for Adults

The BrainWorx Empowered Brain for Adults develops the brain through movements to connect neurons that fill in gaps of development that are missing in your brain and is the cause of your challenges.


Our techniques give the brain a powerful, foundational ability that should have been developed in the first year of life. Once this development occurs, the brain will acquire automatic functions that will change your life.

As a result of the BrainWorx Empowered Brain Program for Adults, you will learn:


  • Why your brain is causing your anxiety, lack of focus, disorganization, overwhelm and procrastination.
  • How you can ignite your brain so it can naturally make the neuro connections it needs to be less triggered, scattered, and anxious, and more calm, focused, organized, and productive.
  • How specific movements, done consistently over time, will transform your life and allow you to access that powerful, creative, genius inside, so you can live a joyful life and thrive!

Program Details

Each week we host a 60-minute live online meeting and Q & A sessions (52 meeting sessions annually). In these weekly sessions, we review the brain development exercises, provide additional training and support, and give you the opportunity to share your wins, and get your questions answered. Each of these weekly sessions will be recorded and made available to review at your convenience.

Additionally, for those interested, the BrainWorx Emotional Breakthrough PLUS Program includes three (3) 60-minute private sessions with a BrainWorx professional that allow you to go deeper with the exercises and get results faster.

Through the entirety of the program, you will have access to continuous support from our team of experts, via weekly group meetings, 1 on 1 sessions, and email, to ensure that you are fully supported throughout the process and are getting the most out of the program.


The 5 Pillars of BrainWorx

For Yourself.  For Your Family.

The BrainWorx Emotional Breakthrough Program for Adults meets you where you are — literally and figuratively. Our online sessions come to you virtually in your own home, and are designed to help you in real, and immediate ways.

Neurological Reorganization

Naturally develops the pons and midbrain to provide automatic functions, which helps to overcome anxiety, improve focus, and increase executive function abilities.

Reflex Integration

Development of primitive reflex patterns that should have been developed naturally, and improve emotional regulation, sensory processing, speech, executive function, motor coordination, and much more.

Calm Cortex Zone for Emotional Regulation

This is a simple 2-step process of emotional regulation that starts with becoming aware of negative emotions, and then choosing a movement to bring them out of that emotion and back to their original baseline.

Brain Gym

An effective emotional management tool that calms your brain and nervous system, improves focus, writing, critical thinking and more.

Rewires For Emotional Development

Forms new beliefs about yourself that support you in achieving more of what you want in life.

What The Experts Say


Brainworx is crucial in helping a child’s brain to modulate and interrogate information correctly, so the output is accurate and appropriate. When paired with proper gut health the results are incredible.


Dr. Lisa Sulsenti
Licensed Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Author, and Parent


My everyday behavior is shifting, and it’s been a tremendous change in my life, and there have been very unconscious changes that you don’t realize are happening, but they’re actually making a difference.”


Zahra Ghorishi,
M.D. & Parent Neonatal-Perinatal at Sharp Mary Birch Center


“I would get calls from the school every day about his disruptive behavior, and they were ready to kick him out of school. I was really desperate, and it was just consuming our life! Now, after this program, I get glowing emails from his teacher. I feel like we’re all getting our life back!


Sandy Renfro
Speech-Language Pathologist and Parent

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