The BrainWorx Team

Our mission, our vision and why we do what we do.

About BrainWorx

The BrainWorx Method is incredibly impactful and is used to empower children and adults to transform anxiety, focus, executive function, and other challenges that can come with behavioral and learning challenges, such as ADD, ADHD, autism, and more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip adults, parents, and children that struggle with challenges such as anxiety, focus, executive function, procrastination, overwhelm, disorganization, and more, with proven techniques that resolve these challenges so they can be empowered to live happy, peaceful, and productive lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a worldwide community of individuals and organizations that collectively support our Mission.

Our vision includes raising global awareness about the BrainWorx Method and ensuring that children, adults, parents, teachers, educators, therapists, and practitioners have access to this knowledge.

The BrainWorx Team

Meet our minds that think alike.

BrainWorx Founder

Alma Galvan

Alma is a fierce and loving mother who created the BrainWorx Method out of necessity.

In 1994, she received news no parent ever wants to hear: Her eldest son was diagnosed with multiple devastating conditions, including autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, and several other devastating conditions. Two doctors even suggested she put her son in an institution and “move on with your life.”

That’s not an option she would even consider.

As her eldest son’s condition escalated she received another devastating blow as her second son was diagnosed with similar conditions. She felt paralyzed by the news. What to do? As a mother, she would not accept this as a permanent outcome.

Alma was determined to find a solution, and she did.

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BrainWorx Co-Founder

Bob Dietrich

BrainWorx opened Bob’seyes years ago to how his father’s undiagnosed ADHD contributed to his alcoholism and drug abuse.

As you could imagine, Bob’s childhood was traumatic. He witnessed his father constantly drunk or loaded. As a result, even the happiest events like holidays were ruined by his fathers erratic behavior.

Through this work, Bob realized his father was coping and self-medicating his undiagnosed ADHD. Had his father known how to manage his ADHD in a healthy way, he would have lived a much better, and longer life.

Today, Bob is dedicated to helping children and adults overcome their ADHD behavior so they can create calm happy homes.

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Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Joyce

Dr. Joyce, Ph.D. is a distinguished clinical psychologist and graduate from NYU.

Her experience and studies have helped her to understand our physiological systems and our brain development and it’s embryological origins. One of her important insights has been the understanding of how important comfort and movement is to our growth.

Dr. Joyce says, “Movement is our first language and it begins in utero at the very inception of our becoming, and it follows a built in biological sequence, and it contributes to, and affects the way that we interact in our home, and with our family.  Additionally, it affects how we interact and thrive at school, and with our peers, and later in life in our workplace, and with our friends.”

Dr. Joyce is also trained as a kindergarten through 8th grade teacher, and a school psychologist. She has worked in schools, clinics, and hospitals, and has been in private practice for over 50 years.

She believes that all our experiences are relational, and that since our unresolved past still lives in us, we always have the opportunity to change our past in the present, in our current lives today.

Director of BrainWorx Japan

Wakako Wheelock

Wakako was born and raised in Japan and has traveled the world, studying and living in countries like China, France, Yemen, and Kuwait.

In 1998, she moved to the United States and currently lives in Colorado. Her work as a Substitute Educational Assistant introduced her to children with challenges. She made it her mission to learn how to connect with them. That’s how she discovered BrainWorx.

She found it highly effective, as it addresses the root cause of the challenges, and creates deep connections with children by meeting them exactly where they are without judgment.

She’s more than a substitute today — she’s a BrainWorx champion, and is currently the Director of BrainWorx Japan.

BrainWorx Coach

Linda Osmond

Linda specializes in brain-body movement.

As a mom and coach, Linda has a passion for helping adults and families find wise and affordable solutions to brain-related issues, especially as it applies to movement, detoxification, gut health, trauma healing, healthy relationships, and fulfilling one’s full potential in life.

She knows what it’s like having a child on the spectrum and wading through research and endless experimentation trying to find something, anything, that works!

She can tell you first-hand that BrainWorx cuts through the unnecessary fluff, that it’s extremely practical and supportive, and that it really works.

Director of Coaching

Jim Miller

Jim is currently CEO of Inrive Coaching Group, and Author of upcoming book Don’t Sell, SOLVE. Jim was formerly the Vice President of Enrollment with Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker, Success Resources of America, and HeartCore Business.  Armed with a BA from Tulane University, Jim is an expert at helping people overcome their own limiting beliefs so they can take action in their lives.  Jim has been married for 21 years, and has 2 teenage daughters. Jim is originally from New Orleans Louisiana and has resided in San Diego, California for the past 21 years

BrainWorx Coach

Harli Salazar

Harli Salazar, a Certified Transformational Coach, counts herself among the lost generation of women whose ADHD wasn’t noticed or treated in childhood.
Like many moms, her journey to diagnosis and treatment began with her son’s ADHD diagnosis at 9 years old. A world of healing, self understanding and actualization has opened to her that she never thought possible.  Harli was also a licensed specialist in Pre-natal massage in NYC for 8 years and utilizes her knowledge of shiatsu, reiki, meditation and deep relaxation with her clients. She also holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Vermont.

BrainWorx Coach

Emma Blaza-Lester

After being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, I’ve immersed myself in the world of Neurodivergence! Working with Brainworx allows me to support and be part of this amazing journey for both adults and children. I’m here to stand by your side at the start of this process and here to help you move forward. If I can do it, so can you.

Originally from England, I moved to Vancouver, Canada 5 years ago to explore the mountains and since then, I’ve not looked back. I find great relief in outdoor adventuring like snowboarding and hiking with my dog. I really hope that we speak on a call about how I can support you on this journey.