What Physicians Say About BrainWorx

Dr. Joyce Wyden

BrainWorx is the most integrative, functional, supportive program that I have experienced in 40 years as a psychologist, educator, clinician, and every person that I have known to have participated in it, has gained enormously.”

Dr. Lisa Sulsenti

Brainworx is crucial in helping a child’s brain to modulate and interrogate information correctly, so the output is accurate and appropriate.  When paired with proper gut heath the results are incredible.

Dr. Betsy Greenleaf

“Anybody in any family could be using BrainWorx.  This needs to be in every single school system.  I can’t wait to tell my friends, because I have so many friends whose kids are on ADHD medication.  This is something they need to do.”

Dr. Zahar Ghorishi

“My everyday behavior is shifting, and its been a tremendous change in my life, and the have been very unconscious changes that you don’t realize are happening, but they’re actually making a difference.”

What Clients Say About BrainWorx

– Lauren, Mother

– Eunice, Foster Mother

– Dave, HBO Producer

– Stephanie, Mother

– Dr. Zahra Ghorishi,  Neonatal-Perinatal at Sharp Mary Birch Center

– Valerie, Financial Professional

What Teachers and Directors Say About BrainWorx

“I have worked with BrainWorx for 11 years, and they have given us comprehensive strategies that have improved student’s focus, hyperactivity, emotional regulation, and social skills.  Now our students self-regulate their own behaviors.”


Audreen Frapwell, Owner/Director

Mrs. Frapwell’s Preschool


Integrating the BrainWorx Method  into our daily agenda has helped our classrooms become calmer, and our children are able to concentrate better.  Now, I recommend BrainWorx to  every teacher and parent I meet.”


Dr. Chi Ho, Owner/Director

MICA Preschool


“ BrainWorx has given me the tools to teach my students to self-regulate so they can be independent and in control of their own emotions.  This builds their confidence and unlocks learning on a deeper level.“


Rachel Wood, Teacher

Montessori Child Dev. Center