Bob Dietrich

As I began working with Alma and helping to spread the word about BrainWorx,

I had the stunning realization that my father struggled with undiagnosed and untreated ADHD his entire life.

This was a huge breakthrough for me because

throughout my entire life my father had a drug and alcohol addiction

that led to violence, chaos, and embarrassing situations. My family also struggled with finances because of his addiction, as my mother essentially raised her 3 children as a single mother.

In 1997, I discovered personal development…

Personal development helped me to become aware that

my feelings about my father were based on stories that I had subconsciously made up about him when I was very young,

and now that I was an adult I had the power to re-frame those stories into something that was more true, and more empowering for me.

 So I uncovered a new story about my father… a version that said,

“My father loved me, and he did the best he could.”

This new story helped me forgive my father, but I still didn’t have the context to understand why my father did what he did in the first place.
Then, after interviewing Dr. Russel Barkley…
After interviewing Dr. Russel Barkley about the mortality rates of people with ADHD,

I was stunned to realize that my father’s behavior exactly matched that of someone with undiagnosed and untreated adult ADHD.

Dr. Barkley reports that people with untreated adult ADHD live 13 years less than neural-typical adults.

This is primarily because of their impulsive behaviors and their need to find ways to cope with their racing mind, anxiety, overwhelm, and lack of focus.

My ADHD father used drugs and alcohol to cope and self medicate…
I discovered that the reason my father used drugs and alcohol his entire life was to cope with his undiagnosed and untreated ADHD.

I also realized that if he knew how to manage his ADHD we all would have lived a much different, much happier life.

Now I’m dedicated to helping children and adults overcome their ADHD so they can create calm, happy homes.

Although my experience of my father has made me stronger,

it has also left me with limiting beliefs about myself and the world around me that I’m still working very hard to overcome.

One of my biggest lessons was discovering that I created all those distorted stories and beliefs that shaped my past in order to make sense of my experience of relationships, finances, fatherhood, family, responsibility, and more.

Now, thanks to BrainWorx I have the tools to rewrite those beliefs, change my brain, and empower my future.

And the best part is that these tools are available for you too!

How BrainWorx Changes The Brain…
BrainWorx has many developmental processes they use with their clients.  On process inparticular helps to create new beliefs in the subconscious mind called a rewire.

A rewire is the process of connecting neurons in our brain that form new neural pathways, which are our beliefs that determine our behavior. 

Before I began working with Alma, she asked me pick an area in my life where I felt I was struggling that we could work on so I could experience her program. I picked my fear of public speaking.

You see, after 18 years practicing public speaking I was still nervous getting on stages.

Alma helped me identify that this fear was from a group of deep beliefs that I was carrying. One of these beliefs was “I am not enough.” So Alma guided me through her process to rewire that belief.

Within 2 months after these rewires, my nerves were gone,

and I was speaking on stage in front of 700 people at Dell Computers at a paid speaking gig in Vancouver Canada. Moreover, I was booked for paid speaking gigs at least 2 times per month for the next 6 months.

What I discovered was that because of this belief I was subconsciously sabotaging my results,

and when I rewired it the subconscious block was gone, and I was able to create results!


Now, I work with Alma full-time and we change lives all over the world through brain development.

There are millions of people who struggle with brain related challenges. BrainWorx gives you the tools to overcome these challenges and create new possibilities, and a new future for yourself and your family.