Alma Galvan

In 1994, I received news that no parent ever wants to hear.

My eldest son was diagnosed with multiple challenges, including autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, and several other devastating conditions.

In fact, one doctor even suggested “Put your son in an institution, and move on with your life.”

This of course was unacceptable. This news happened just after my second son was born, about 25 years ago, and I felt lost and helpless.


This is how my journey began.

As my eldest son’s condition escalated, and I was finding very few solutions.

It was during this time, in 1996, I received another devastating blow as my second son was diagnosed with similar conditions!

I felt paralyzed by this news. How could this be? As a mother, I could not accept this as a permanent outcome. I knew in my heart there was something I could do.

I was determined to find a solution, and I did.

 I knew in my heart there was something I could do –
maybe even something I was chosen to do.

I was determined to find a solution, and I finally did.

How BrainWorx Was Born. . .
It took me several years after my second son’s diagnosis to discover some powerful new techniques and informative resources that were scientifically proven to promote brain development.
They literally changed my life!

As I began to implement these techniques – simple movements, that when practiced over time, reorganizs the brain’s structure and promotes brain development –
my son’s challenges began to change.

As some techniques worked better than others,
I gathered the most useful techniques to assemble a process that has proven to be highly effective
in helping children, and even adults, overcome the effects of ADD, ADHD, and other conditions that can be caused by an underdeveloped brain.
Using these healing techniques,I felt a sense of empowerment, and
I realized that I had to share these processes with others
so they too could overcome their child’s challenges without the use of medication.
Because Of This Work. . .

I have been able to watch my sons transform from children suffering with severe disabilities, to self sufficient young adults who have jobs, and girlfriends, and hope for the future. It has been amazing to watch my sons become joyful, productive, and empowered by having these tools and resources in their lives.

I’ve watched my boys achieve things that so many professionals said they would never be able to do.

I am so grateful that I can now share these techniques with you. I have incorporated the best of all that I have learned about brain integration through specific exercises that promote re-patterning of the neurons and neural pathways in the brain into
an exciting, easy-to-use program called BrainWorx.
Since my journey began, I’ve spent over two decades as a practitioner and researcher, helping my clients experience the same results I was able to accomplish with my own children.

Today, the children and parents I’ve worked with are empowered, and they can be excited about life once again.

They now have hope, purpose, and empowerment that will be with them for life. They now have the ability to completely unlock their true potential!