BrainWorx for Teachers and Educators

Integrate BrainWorx into your classroom or program for calmer, more focused kids and happier, healthier adults.

Overcome Challenges and Connect

When students are challenged, teachers struggle as well.

Today’s educators are overwhelmed with behavioral and learning challenges in their classrooms, and they are not properly equipped to effectively address these issues.

Many teachers today spend 80% of their time with the students that pose these challenges, leaving the majority of their students with significantly less attention.

These challenges are often symptoms that indicate a child’s pons and midbrain are underdeveloped, which occurs when their primitive reflexes have not been fully integrated.

When this happens, a child will live in a continuous state of fight or flight, which interferes with their natural ability to grow and develop in a typical manner.

BrainWorx has helped thousands of children overcome behavioral, emotional, and learning challenges without medication.


Calm Classrooms for Better Learning

The BrainWorx Teacher Program is designed to easily weave the BrainWorx Method into any classroom agenda.

As a result, classrooms become calmer and students become more focused. Additionally, since all the children are doing the exercises together, everyone benefits, and no student gets singled out.


BrainWorx Program for Teachers

The Teacher Empowerment Program is comprehensively designed to easily fit into your daily agenda o every student receives the benefits, and no child feels singled out.


The BrainWorx Teacher Empowerment Program is easy to weave into your daily class agenda.

  • Within just a few short weeks you’ll start to see your students becoming more calm and focused.
  • Within a month or two parents begin to notice the changes at home and will start asking you what you’re doing differently.

As a result of the BrainWorx Teacher Empowerment Program, you’ll learn:

  • Why children’s behavior, focus, and learning abilities are linked directly to their brain development so you can gain a more empowered and compassionate perspective.
  • How to start your day and weave brain development movements throughout your agenda, and sets up each student to have a calm and focused day of learning.
  • An emotional regulation program that replaced “time-out”, and instead helps children become aware of their emotions and how to shift them in minutes.

The 5 Pillars of BrainWorx

For Your Students. For Your Classroom.

The BrainWorx program is simple to follow and will leave a positive, lasting effect on your students and classroom.

Neurological Reorganization

Naturally develops the pons and midbrain to provide automatic functions, which helps to overcome anxiety, improve focus, and increase executive function abilities.

Reflex Integration

Development of primitive reflex patterns that should have been developed naturally, and improve emotional regulation, sensory processing, speech, executive function, motor coordination, and much more.

Calm Cortex Zone for Emotional Regulation

This is a simple 2-step process of emotional regulation that starts with becoming aware of negative emotions, and then choosing a movement to bring them out of that emotion and back to their original baseline.

Brain Gym

An effective emotional management tool that calms your brain and nervous system, improves focus, writing, critical thinking and more.

Rewires For Emotional Development

Forms new beliefs about yourself that support you in achieving more of what you want in life.

What The Experts Say


Brainworx is crucial in helping a child’s brain to modulate and interrogate information correctly, so the output is accurate and appropriate. When paired with proper gut health the results are incredible.


Rachel Wood


I have worked with BrainWorx for 11 years, and they have given us comprehensive strategies that have improved students’ focus, hyperactivity, emotional regulation, and social skills. Now our students self-regulate their own behaviors.


Audreen Frapwell,
Owner/Director Mrs. Frapwell’s Preschool


“I would get calls from the school every day about his disruptive behavior, and they were ready to kick him out of school. I was really desperate, and it was just consuming our life! Now, after this program, I get glowing emails from his teacher. I feel like we’re all getting our life back!

Dr. Chi Ho
Owner/Director MICA Preschool

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