Frequently Asked Questions

Does this program work with adults as well as children?

Absolutely!  Because of neural plasticity, neuralogical reorganization and reflex integration can ignite the brain at any age, allowing anyone to make new neural connections that give them the functionality to automatically regulate anxiety, increase focus, and improve executive function.

How long does it take to organize my brain?

We are only building connections in our brain while we’re doing the specific movements that develop the lower regions of the brain and integrate primitive reflexes. From our experience, it is best to think of it as a commitment of at least a year. We have seen some participants whose brain development was completed in less time and some who took longer. It all depends on each person’s starting point and how much of the brain work is done at home.

How do I get started?

Submit a request for a free BrainWorx assessment through the Contact Us page. We will contact you to set up a free phone consultation so we can get a better idea of what your personal goals are and figure out how we can work together to achieve them. This will allow us to identify your specific brain organization level and needs.

How do I know if I or my child will benefit from brain organization?

Almost anyone can benefit from doing the brain work – even parents! We see the most changes in kids who have been diagnosed and labeled with ADD/ADHD, autism, pervasive developmental disorder, dyspraxia and “learning disabled”. We’ve helped plenty of children who have not had a formal diagnosis or label but are suffering from frequent tantrums, difficulties with executive functioning, anxiety, coordination challenges, gross and fine motor issues, inability to focus and difficulty with social interactions.  

What happens in a typical session?
The first session we take the time to get to know your child in a 1-to-1 setting. We will test them to get their baseline for a number of primitive reflexes and identify the areas that they will need to focus on. We then develop a custom program for them to strengthen the areas that they need the most assistance with.

The session starts with some activities to help stimulate the brain and make sure everyone is ready to move forward. Most of the work is done on the floor with exercises that are targeted to strengthen the part of the brain that hasn’t fully developed. We make sure to keep the exercises fun and engaging for the entire hour.

How many sessions do we need?
This depends on your child and their unique needs. In the beginning, your child may need extra sessions to expedite the brain work. This may include weekly or bi-weekly sessions for the first 4-6 weeks and can be slowly tapered. It’s important that the brain work is done on a daily basis to ensure the brain connections are strengthened and replacing old, unproductive brain maps.
Once the brain is organized, do I have to still do the exercises?
Once the brain is 100% organized, your child will have the needed connections to succeed and tackle any challenge presented. We will give you some additional daily exercises and tools that they can do to keep their system regulated and balanced throughout the rest of their life.
How often does my child need to come to the session?
While they are first getting started with the brain work, it is most effective if they come twice a week to see quicker benefits. Thereafter, they can continue to come weekly, and once they have a solid foundation in place they can come for monthly check-ins.
Is there any work that we need to do at home?

Yes, with our custom program we will give you the tools you need to do the brainwork at home. Generally speaking, it’s about 20 minutes of daily brain exercises.

What changes can I expect to see?
Each person is different and the rate of change differs. At first, you may notice a calmer approach to everyday situations and challenges as their nervous system is getting the input it needs. They will also be able to articulate their feelings more clearly as this is an important part of our curriculum. From there, you will most likely see improved eye contact, coordination and fewer tantrums. Over time you will notice incremental changes in the family dynamic due to these more obvious changes. The sky is the limit and we are amazed at the brain’s ability to change!
How long does it take to see the changes?
Generally, kids and adults who are diligently doing the daily brain work on a consistent basis will see changes within a matter of weeks. The changes continue as they progress through the brain exercises as they work on strengthening different parts of the brain.
What is the philosophy behind this method?
Our program incorporates several key theories and research done to improve brain plasticity. We’ve combined the techniques that originates from the research of several luminaries in the industry. Some key areas are:

– Primitive reflexes – These are muscle reactions, originating in the central nervous system that emerge in utero and are present at birth and happen automatically in response to certain types of stimulation. In most cases, these reflexes integrate as children move through childhood. If primitive reflexes are still present when they are no longer developmentally appropriate, it can be a sign of nervous system interference, immaturity or brain damage. We work to identify which reflexes your child has retained and work and customize a program to work to improve these neural connections.

– Patterning – initially pioneered by Glen Doman and Carl Delacato, patterning involves a series of bodily exercises, and other activities to “rewire” the brain.

– Sensory integration – Sensory integration is a specialty area of occupational therapy that is based on over 40 years of theory and research and it takes into account how each individual views and interprets the world around them. Originally developed by A. Jean Ayres PhD, OTR, sensory integration involves movement challenges which gradually increase in complexity over time. We will discuss with you modifications that you and the child’s teacher can make in their environment to provide the child with the needed stimulation throughout the day.

Do I need to come with my child to the session?
No, you are welcome to stay but we find children do better on their own.
We’ve tried so many interventions and therapies, how do I know this will help?
Working with children is always a work-in-progress and sometimes children need different types of interventions at different stages in their lives. We have proven success with children and are happy to provide you with references upon request.
Is the service covered by insurance?
Unfortunately, we do not accept insurance at this time.
Can I use my flexible spending account to pay for the sessions?
Alternative healers are covered under Flexible Spending Accounts.
What do I do if I get headaches after creeping?
It is not uncommon to get headaches at the beginning, but not everyone gets them. There is a huge amount of blood flow to the brain when creeping so split up the time you may only be able to do one or two minutes at at time, but then will be able to increase the time in a few days. You still want to do the 10 minutes per day, but break it up as needed. The headaches go away on their own.
What do I do if I get bruises from the exercises?
The bruising and soreness happens because there are muscle groups that are being engaged that have possibly  not been in a wile and because the pattern is inefficient. This will all start to go away. The knee pads are a great idea for now. you will not need them later. Hang in there, This is literals the hardest  part, but it will get easier soon.