The BrainWorx Method

The BrainWorx method develops the brain to better regulate emotions and filter out distractions. See the science for yourself.

Identify the Developmental Gaps

Many challenges that affect children and adults are caused by underdeveloped parts of their brain, which we call gaps in development, specifically, the lower centers called the pons and midbrain.

The cause of these challenges is often because neuro-connections in the brain were not fully formed in the first year of life, so some automatic functions are not available. Functions like the regulation of fight or flight, or being able to filter out distractions so you can focus.


Sometimes the brain will create compensating behaviors, which on the outside can appear like impulsive behavior — fidgeting, acting out, self-talk, rocking back and forth, freezing in fear, etc. These compensations take energy and resources.

An underdeveloped brain can also suffer from the inability to self-regulate emotions, body functions, etc. In these cases, what should be automatically regulated becomes distorted or misinterpreted by the brain.

So what looks like an unreasonable response by the child, is actually something they cannot control because their brain is misinterpreting a situation as a threat, which launches them into fight or flight, and they behave accordingly.

To make matters worse, when the body goes into fight or flight, the blood flow in the brain will shift from the frontal cortex behind the forehead – the logical, reasonable, rational, thinking part of the brain – to the back and lower centers of the brain, which are the reactive parts of the brain. So a child in fight or flight is highly reactive, and you cannot reason with them while they are in this state.

This rash, “baby-brained” behavior starts early, creating chaos at home and in the classroom, and can stay with you into adulthood and cause untold damage in your personal professional life.


No matter your age, you don’t have to be stuck in that stage of development.

The BrainWorx Methodology

A comprehensively designed methodology to help individuals work towards attainable goals so that a happier, healthier, easier life becomes an actual reality.


We start by immediately helping you or your child calm the nervous system by guiding you through easy to follow physical movements, done for about 20 minutes each day.

As you become calm, we guide you through additional movements and sensory experiences that re-ignite the neurons and integrate reflexes in order to finish the brain’s development (fill in the gaps of development), which addresses the behavioral, emotional, and learning challenges that have been uncovered.

Our programs utilize brain development techniques that when done consistently over time can attend to the root cause of these challenges and create permanent change.

Core Brain Development Techniques

The following techniques are the five pillars that are used in the BrainWorx method.
Neurological Reorganization

Naturally develops the pons and midbrain to provide automatic functions, which helps to overcome anxiety, improve focus, and increase executive function abilities.

Reflex Integration

Development of primitive reflex patterns that should have been developed naturally, and improve emotional regulation, sensory processing, speech, executive function, motor coordination, and much more.

Calm Cortex Zone for Emotional Regulation

This is a simple 2-step process of emotional regulation that starts with becoming aware of negative emotions, and then choosing a movement to bring them out of that emotion and back to their original baseline.

Brain Gym

An effective emotional management tool that calms your brain and nervous system, improves focus, writing, critical thinking and more.

Rewires For Emotional Development

Forms new beliefs about yourself that support you in achieving more of what you want in life.


Get Moving

The BrainWorx Method has proven that performing specific movements, consistently over a period of time, will continue the development of these underdeveloped parts of the brain.

You can fill in the gaps of development and give the brain the functionality that should have been developed in the first year of life.

Watch this free workshop “How to Naturally Improve Your Child’s Behavior” to see what BrainWorx can do for you.

Get an explanation of how your child’s brain is working. See what is creating their behaviors. Learn easy movements to start doing at home.