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Have You Done Your Brain Work Today?

by | Sep 9, 2018 | Uncategorized

About 6 months ago, I met this lovely mama, Danielle at one of my circles. Afterward, Danielle came and talked to me about the work that she did for Alma Integration. She was super excited to have my family out for a session. I always refer to Alma (the founder) and Dani as the “Brain Ladies” but they are so much more then that. First let’s start with a little bit about Alma Integration.

“His or her mission at Alma Integration is to empower anyone who wants to live an easier, more efficient and more enjoyable life. At Alma Integration, they teach simple movements that develop the lower centers of the brain (Pons and Midbrain) and integrate primitive reflexes. When these movements are done daily, the brain can begin to shift out of survival mode and into a calm, logical state. Not only will the brain be able to process information differently, the brain will also be able to be more efficient and effective in every task.”

So I am sure you are wondering what the heck this even means right? To me, it means my kids do simple activities and exercises each day to help reconnect areas of their brain. By doing this, over time, it provides them with the ability to handle situations with more ease and less drama. Instead of being in fight or flight mode, they handle transitions like getting ready for bed, clean up time and various other tasks with a greater sense of calmness and ease. There was a time when my youngest would get very upset about how his socks lined up in his shoes but now that does not bother him or he can handle adjusting his socks as needed. My daughter used to have moments of drama bursts when she was upset but since doing her brainwork, she no longer is so emotional and is not triggered like she previously used to be.

I am sure this is hard to grasp in some ways but when we are babies there are so many important milestones that we need to reach and this helps develop certain parts of our brain which leads to greater development as we grow. For example, crawling is such an important part of a child’s development but these days, many babies are often kept in their car seat, a carrier or their bouncy chair so we can manage our busy lives. These conveniences allow us to cook, clean, get ready in the morning etc. while our developing baby is sitting in their bouncy chair or in their carrier but it can also hinder brain development that they need. Sometimes as parents, we brag that our child skipped crawling and went straight to walking but that is actually not a good thing for the future of your child and their behavior.

My kids have benefited greatly from their time with Alma and Danielle and this will serve them well as they continue into junior high and high school. They will be balanced and able the expectations that come with school, peer pressure etc.

If you are at all curious, please go to You will be so glad that you did this for your children.