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And BrainWorx Was Launched…

by | Sep 9, 2018 | Uncategorized

Around twenty years ago I began a journey to guide my sons, Manny and Adrian. Both of my boys were given numerous diagnosis like autism mild mentally retarded, ADD, ADHD sensory processing disorder.  These were labels that society used to define who they are and what they will always be- limited, hopeless and unchangeable. I was told to love them and accept it.  Being a very determined and hopeful mom, I didn’t accept it and knew in my heart there was hope and they can and will live unlimited, meaningful lives.

After many hours, days and weeks spent searching for solutions and directions, I finally met someone who introduced us to Brain Gym.  While Brain Gym had been around for many years prior, it wasn’t a common approach amongst anyone I knew.  However, it made sense. Trusting my intuition and belief that my boys would one day get to shine and show the world the “real” Manny and Adrian, I was “all” in! We worked daily doing the simple yet powerful movements to help connect the brain, body and mind. 

After incorporating Brain Gym and other neuro enhancing movements into our every day lives, we began to see changes. Manny started to talk and evolved into so much more than what medical health professionals predicted! Adrian started giving speeches, organizing community projects, and even raised money to help other children! It was apparent that Brain Gym was changing our lives! I no longer was holding onto the idea that “one day” things would be better, we were living it! I could connect with Manny and Adrian and Brain Gym gave us the tools to be able to do so. 

Fast forward to today, I am a certified Brain Gym Instructor! My passion is to teach children, teens and adults about the brain, help them emotionally heal from past traumas/triggers, and to use all my knowledge to enrich others of the power of Brain Gym.

Manny is now a self-made claymation artist! Not only is he a claymation artist but he’s MY company’s claymation artist! He has found a way to connect with and help other children by sharing Brain Gym in a unique way. He uses claymation to animate Brain Gym movements.  Manny is not living a limited life, there is no limit and tons of hope.  He is happy and eager to share his claymation projects with the world.  Please check out and share his Brain Gym video on PACE.

Adrian is driving to work, goes to school, and has a passion to share Brain Gym with as many people as he can. His experience has been invaluable and use his journey to share what is possible (thank you to insight for recording it from the beginning!). Adrian explains the “why” behind the movements and integrates them into his every day life. He also helps behind the scenes to ensure I can continue to change lives using Brain Gym with my business. 

Brain Gym is life changing work and needs to reach more struggling kids, families and schools. I plan to do so with both my boys on my side. We’re an amazing, unstoppable and hopeful team that believes anyone can change their life no matter what the diagnosis says.

By Alma Galvan