Letter From Our Founders

Letter From Our Founders

I want to thank you for taking your time to understand who we are, and what we do.

Many children today are really struggling with behavioral and learning challenges, and they need our help.  It’s not their fault that they have these challenges, but still they suffer.  Children naturally want to please us adults.  They want to make us happy, make us smile, and learn from us.  When children struggle with behavioral and learning challenges such as Autism, ADD, ADHD, Sensory Disorders, and other challenges, they become frustrated at their limitations.  As they are labeled by their parents, doctors, teachers, and other children, they create limiting beliefs that they carry into adulthood.  These limiting beliefs prevent them from fully living up to their natural potentials.

The good news is we have the ability to resolve many of these challenges, naturally.  I can say this because I have helped my own children work through and resolve their challenges, and  I have seen a dramatic transformation in their lives, and the outlook for their future.  Additionally, I have worked with thousands of children and parents, and I have seen them make dramatic transformations as well.

I am convinced that we have the power to eliminate many of these challenges if we can raise awareness and make BrainWorx education part of the mainstream curriculum.

So I ask you, please join us as we work together to accomplish our mission.  


Alma Galvan and Bob Dietrich