Imagine You or Your Child Calm, Focused, and Self-Regulated

BrainWorx is an educational program that teaches adults, children, parents, and educators how to develop the brain  through simple, scientifically-proven techniques that reduce anxiety, improve behavior, and foster focus and learning.

“My son is able to control himself more and more…not to be as reactive.  I don’t know how it works, but it just works.  It’s amazing.”

Zahar GhorIshi, M.D. & Parent

Neonatal-Perinatal at Sharp Mary Birch Center

Alma and Adrian’s Story

After both of her children were diagnosed with severe behavioral and learning challenges (ADD, ADHD, Autism, Sensory Disorder, and more), Alma Galvan went on a quest to find solutions for her boys that did not require prescription medication.  Click here to read the full story.

In this video, you’ll learn about how Alma persisted in her search to find answers for her children, as well as how these solutions worked to develop their brains.  You’ll also see how her son Adrian transformed from having difficulty with focus, processing speed, etc., to becoming a focused and articulate child due to her dedication and perseverance.



“Our mission is to equip families and teachers with proven techniques that resolve children’s behavioral and learning challenges so they can be empowered to live happy, peaceful, and productive lives.”

“I would get calls from the school everyday about his disruptive behavior, and they were ready to kick him out of school.

I was really desperate, and it was just
consuming our life!  Now, after this program, I get glowing emails from his teacher. I feel like we’re all getting our life back!”

Sandy Renfro

Speech Language Pathologist & Parent


BrainWorx is a nonprofit organization that educates adults and children on how to further develop their brain to overcome behavioral and learning challenges. 

The BrainWorx Advanced Program is designed to re-organize the brain in order to restore or allow for calm, focus, and rational thinking.

ADD, ADHD, Autism, sensory disorders, and other behavioral and learning challenges are at epidemic proportions. Since 2008, diagnoses of ADHD alone have increased by 42%. That’s 6.4 million children in the United States alone. 

These statistics are staggering. Millions of parents today are frustrated with their child’s behavior and don’t know what to do. Instead of understanding the root cause, children are often prescribed medication to try and resolve these issues. Desperate parents know it is not an ideal solution but often see it as their only option, despite the undesirable side effects.

Teachers are struggling as well. They are overwhelmed with behavioral and learning challenges in their classrooms, and they are not properly equipped to effectively address these issues. Many teachers today spend 80% of their time with the students that pose these challenges, leaving the majority of their students with significantly less attention.

These challenges are often symptoms that indicate a child’s Pons and Midbrain are underdeveloped, which occurs when their primitive reflexes have not been fully integrated. When this happens, a child will live in a continuous state of fight or flight, which interferes with their natural ability to grow and develop in a typical manner.

BrainWorx has helped thousands of children overcome behavioral, emotional, and learning challenges without the use of prescription medication.

The BrainWorx Teacher Program is designed to easily weave the BrainWorx Method into any classroom agenda.  As a result, classrooms become calmer and students become more focused. Additionally, since all the children are doing the exercises together, everyone benefits and no student gets singled out.

The BrainWorx program is simple to follow and takes just 20 minutes a day. Within only a matter of weeks, you will start to see life changing results!

What parents are saying about BrainWorx

“He was screaming, crying, and running out of control…and now the change is undeniable. I was not expecting such a fantastic, dramatic, and noticeable shift so quickly. Now I recommend the program at least 5 times a day.”

– Stephanie, Mother

“My son is able to control himself more and more…not to be as reactive. I don’t know how it works, but it just works. It’s amazing.”

– Zahar GhorIshi, M.D. Neonatal-Perinatal at Sharp Mary Birch Center

“Our son was very hyper and aggressive…it was a daily struggle but we didn’t want to go the drug route. Now it’s all changed. Now he is able to sit and focus, and do his homework on his own… I’m a true believer. I can’t say enough good things about the program.”

– Dave, HBO Producer

What teachers and directors are saying about BrainWorx

“I have worked with BrainWorx for 11 years, and they have given us comprehensive strategies that have improved student’s focus, hyperactivity, emotional regulation, and social skills. Now our students self-regulate their own behaviors.”

Audreen Frapwell, Owner/Director

Mrs. Frapwell’s Preschool


Integrating the BrainWorx Method  into our daily agenda has helped our classrooms become calmer, and our children are able to concentrate better. Now, I recommend BrainWorx to  every teacher and parent I meet.”

Dr. Chi Ho, Owner/Director

MICA Preschool


“ BrainWorx has given me the tools to teach my students to self-regulate so they can be independent and in control of their own emotions. This builds their confidence and unlocks learning on a deeper level.“

Rachel Wood, Teacher

Montessori Child Dev. Center


“I can see significant changes in my 4-year-old son with autism, and we are still doing the program even after 8 weeks. It was not easy in the beginning, but day by day I could see less resistance from him. And now he asks for the exercises every day! It’s working great. He is dealing with things and situations that he was afraid of before the program, and he’s been prouder of himself too! “

Rosalia, Mother

BrainWorx Programs

Free Webclass “How To Improve Your Child’s Behavior”

5 Day Training “Calm and Focused Toolbox”

BrainWorx Advanced Program

  • Explanation of how your child’s brain is working
  • What is creating their behaviors
  • Easy exercises to start doing at home
  • Tools and structure to help your children get calm and focused
  • Fun daily exercises to do at home
  • Easy to follow process that teaches children self-regulation
  • Weekly video training and daily exercises
  • Weekly group meetings
  • Step by step instructions
  • Tons of support, warm community and proven results!

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