Yvonne and her husband were really struggling to find solutions for their son’s behavioral challenges when we first met them.  We often work with parents like them, who have children with behavioral and learning challenges and are frustrated because they don’t understand why their child is struggling, or what they can do about it.  Moreover, these parents often know in their heart there are solutions that don’t prescription medicine, but they don’t know where to find them.

Yvonne says, “By age three, our sweet son Troy still struggled with tantrums from overstimulation of his senses. At that time, he was attending a local Montessori school, when another parent from the school brought BrainWorx founder, Alma Galvan, in to help her child on site.”

BrainWorx provides preschool and elementry school teachers with the tools and techniques that promote brain development. We show them how to weave the BrainWorx tools and techniques into thier daily agenda, and they start to see changes in most of their students within just a few months.  When students has more acute challenges, BrainWorx will work with that student and their family, which allow us to go deeper to resolve these challenges.

Yvonne continues, “Alma began conducting weekly classes (at Troy’s school), and within the first month I had learned that Troy had severe motor function, vestibular, and proprioceptive delays, and this was most-likely caused by my emergency cesarean section, and not allocating sufficient tummy-time for Troy when he was an infant.”

“Alma agreed to work for two months with three families, which included ours, twice weekly in one of our homes with homework as well.  At the end of the two months we experienced transformational results, and not just for Troy!”

After working with families for over 20 years, we have found that when parents work with their children they will experience transformations for themselves.  This is usually because most adults have Pons and Midbrains that did not completely develop.  As adults, they have developed ways to work around the challenges they are experiencing, but once they complete their development they will see their life become easier, and then need for those workarounds tend to fade.

Yvonne experienced some of these changes herself.  “At the same time we were working with BrainWorx, my directive at work changed from finance to corporate training and system integration using SAP. With 250 employees in a huge room, running nine teams concurrently, the work dynamic was both highly agile with lots of distractions. I noticed that after the intensive brain work, I was able to not only survive, but to thrive, in this new environment, where previously I struggled with the slightest noise as I attempted to focus at work.”  

When the Pons and Midebrain are developed people will find it easier to filter out distractions so they can focus, and they will be calmer and less stressed because they are not triggered into fight or flights as often.

“Today, our family is flourishing, and when we struggle with life’s challenges, we return to the neurodevelopment tools BrainWorx, Inc. shared with us to get back on track and keep moving forward with success and joy.”

“We have had the honor of seeing BrainWorx, Inc. emerge and blossom into an amazing practice of healing integration resulting in cohesive peaceful families, year after year.”

Yvonne and her family are great examples of how the consistant implementation of the BrainWorx techniques can transform a family, and give them the tools to handle life’s challenges well into the future!

By Yvonne Slater-Grigas and Bob Dietrich