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Win of the Week: Stronger, Faster, Higher Together with Caleb

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Blog, Parent's Success Stories | 1 comment

A parent in our BrainWorx program recently shared the following video and progress her son Caleb has made. We are smiling ear to ear and so happy for them for their win!

Thank you for your support on our BrainWorx journey. We began BrainWorx after our terrible experience of homeschooling last year when Caleb was 5 years old. As a teacher, I realised that Caleb wasn’t going to get better at his school work as he couldn’t put anything from short term into long term memory. For example, he couldn’t count to 10, remember or write any of the alphabet,  focus at all or track words with his finger in his beginners reading book. Teachers believed that Caleb was autistic and/or dyslexic. We were constantly being called up due to Caleb fighting when he did go to school. I wasn’t coping to be honest, as I was losing my patience with Caleb and I wasn’t proud of my parenting. Bob asked: “What will the future for Caleb be if nothing changes?” As a teacher with experience in all levels, I know full well he had a very dark future. Happily, BrainWorx has changed all of that. It took us perhaps longer than other people. However, now he has found his gift. I believe everyone has a gift and he can read music and play the recorder and other instruments with joy. Recently we had our first positive emails ever from two teachers about Caleb’s reading, writing and music. 🙂 We’ve been invited to 3 birthday parties, which never used to happen, and for 3 playdates this week. I’m not perfect, but I’m a lot calmer and a much better mum thanks to BrainWorx.

~Anita, Parent

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